Verizon XV6700 / HTC Apache goes on sale January 5?

We'll admit it, we think it's funny watching Sprint and Verizon aping one another and similarly rebadging the same HTC phones in tandem. But it looks like Sprint's lead on the PPC-6700 might be coming to a close after a mere four months, since it would appear that Verizon is readying the XV6700 for launch on January 5th for business (the same day they're supposedly launching the Treo 700w -- that rumor started also by very same HoFo member as this), and the 19th for consumers. If "VZW E" is accurate (we're gonna start calling this guy Veezy-E), you'll pony up either $449.99, $399.99, or $519.99 for this thing with a one or two year contract, or no contract, respectively.

[Via PhoneMag]